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    Quick top 3 *1 stupid characters

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    Quick top 3 *1 stupid characters

    Post  Caboos15 on Mon Aug 17, 2009 8:50 am

    This week I’ll be listing the top 3 stupid characters from this generation of gaming. These are the characters that say or do things that can really get on the players nerves, please note these are my own pick from the library of games that I own so feel free to post a comment about a character that you find stupid and why.

    3. DJ Atomica from Burnout Paradise
    This guy is your helpful guide though out the game but the thing that bugs me about him is the fact he keeps repeating the same stories over and over again. He is helpful by telling you track routes and how to do each mode but really does he have to repeat everything, tracks I understand he shows you the way but when explaining the modes he just has to say them once and that’s it. As I said he repeats the same stories over and over again, the number of times I heard the story about how his car was pulled out the ocean is unbelievable. I haven’t played Burnout for a while now so I haven’t got any of the updates or new packs so I don’t know if Atomica has any new stories but it’s something I won’t lose any sleep over.

    2. The other leaders from Civilization Revolution
    The game itself is great but it’s the other AI leaders you play with than can be buggy. For some reason the developers decide to turn some of the leaders in to stereotypes that wouldn’t really be around for years after their time for example Alexander the Great to me is very near to saying the word dude. Also they have a need to go to war with you just for not giving them the technologies they want which is a very petty reason to go to war with someone and if you defeat one of their armies or take a city they all a sudden want to be your friend again even when five minutes ago they were treating your Civilization like its tiny and saying how he or she is better than you. But the biggest problem is when you play online with a friend to fight the AI leaders because they never leave you alone. Because its teams they appear and tell you how honoured they are to fight alongside their allies to try and defeat you, this would be ok but they all keep saying it one after another and they never stop until you get rid of either them or their allies so they will stop and you get back to trying get into space. In the end it’s great to see these historical figures in a game for all to see and remember them but really you will end up destroying their stuff in a bid to shut them up.

    1. Rico from Killzone 2
    This is probably the first character I have gone from liking to hating in about 3 seconds. For me it all went wrong in the scene were Sev (main character) and Rico catch up with the Helghast who have captured Garza, Natko and Evelyn and Sev says to Rico wait here while I go round the other side and flank them. For some reason Rico could not wait a few seconds and decides to run in a start fire his gun all over the place this causes a Helghast solder to be hit, fire his gun while falling and kill Garza. This wouldn’t as bad but Rico doesn’t even say sorry for running in and getting Garza killed also he doesn’t seem that bothered about it either but that isn’t even the worse part about why he is stupid. The stupid level rises after Rico friend Templar is shot but has enough strength to crash the air ship into the Helghast power grid to knock out the defences system. However Rico for some reason starts to take everything personally and starts say how they should kill every Helghast he even beats the living hell out of a fellow solder just for saying how he think command has left them there to die and I don’t mean just a punch to the face beating I mean a full blown beating. Then we get to the crowning moment of why I find Rico stupid the scene were him and Sev finally get to Scolar Visari the leader of the Helghast so can capture him like command including Templar before he died ordered them to do. However this moment of slight victory is ruined when Rico goes against commands orders (the same command he beats up a fellow solder for bad mouthing their orders) and proceeds to shoot Scolar even thou this will make the war even worse than it would if they captured him alive. So in the end Rico is impatient, hypocritically and just plain stupid and that’s why he is number one on this list.

    Hope you have enjoyed this week’s list and please comment on what you think is the stupidest character you have seen in this generation of gaming. I won’t tell what will be next’s week’s list because I haven’t had chance to decide on it but be sure to check on Saturday for it.

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