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    Quick top 3 *2 things wrong with Transformers 2

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    Quick top 3 *2 things wrong with Transformers 2

    Post  Caboos15 on Mon Aug 31, 2009 11:21 am

    WARNING do not read this list if you not seen this movie because it will contain spoilers!
    Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen in my eyes wasn’t a really bad movie but there were some problems that were either not needed or just plain wrong. Normally with movie problems people would start to notice things when watching for the second or third time but this film things happen that get noticed straight away which isn’t a good thing. I know there have been plenty of critics pointing out a lot of problems but I just won’t to tell you the things I noticed so let’s start this week’s count down.
    3. Pointless scenes
    There were a lot of scenes in this film that were completely pointless sure some may have lasted a few seconds but those seconds could of been used for scenes or plot points that were more important. I’ll give you a two examples:
    The dogs humping: this happens between the two dogs Mojo and new dog Frankie are seen humping in the scenes at the start of the film not once twice. Not only was this pointless but what made Michael Bay think this was a good idea for a scene because it wasn’t really operate for children watching and it wasn’t really that funny and to do it twice was just pushing it.
    The mother eating the special brownie: I’m not kidding here the main characters mum eats a special brownie gets high of it and goes running around the collage making a fool out of herself. Again this begs the question why Michael Bay made this scene because it doesn’t do anything for the plot or the characters apart from making the mother really stupid for some reason.

    2. The humour
    The humour in this film felt forced, really out of place and didn’t help with the plot. The first film’s humour was nice, timed and didn’t make the movie seem stupid in anyway but this one the jokes weren’t any of these. A large amount were not aimed for children in anyway shape or form because of the adult themes. Jokes like:
    The dogs humping (twice)
    The mother eating the special brownie
    The small transformer called wheelie humping Megan Fox’s leg (think about it someone was payed to animate that)
    John Turturro’s character wearing a thong and the crotch area having a close up for everyone in the cinema to see
    I’m going to use Wikipedia to explain this one it involves the character Devastator. A controversial scene in the movie involves Devastator climbing up a pyramid, with two wrecking balls dangling from his crotch (despite the fact that none of the construction vehicles forming Devastator are wrecking cranes). This has been confirmed by director Michael Bay to be his testicles. This scene has become a subject of huge discussion on the internet and was panned by Empire Central's review of the film. Also the individual Decepticons that form Devastator can be seen fighting in the final battle at the same time Devastator is climbing the pyramid.
    Now after reading that you have got to be thinking, what the hell was Michael Bay thinking with that scene?
    I know there were plenty of over bad jokes in this film so please list the ones you feel I should have mentioned. Also there should not of been so much comedy in a action film, I may of forgiven this film if it was action comedy but it was just a action so why have these bad jokes in it.

    1. Character not being named
    This was the main thing that bothered me the way character came and went and you end up not knowing who is who. I only knew the characters names by looking it up on Wikipedia month’s before the movie was released and I thought wow all these characters will make the movie great which turned out to be false hope. These are some of the characters that weren’t named in the film or just disappeared:
    The three sisters: not only were their names not mentioned but one of them was shot but you don’t know which one it was.
    Sideswipe who wasn’t named but only had a few lines for the entire film.
    Jolt whom I swear just appeared in one scene because he wasn’t seen in the start and in the hanger with the others. But then in one scene there he is pulling up alongside the others on the airfield and I remember think while watching were the hell did he come from.
    Wheelie who was the small RC truck but was despite being in a large chunk of the film never had his name said by himself or any other character. Also near the end of the film just disappears all together with no explanation.
    The Doctor who transforms into microscope was only seen in one scene of the film says a few lines and then just disappears.
    This is just a hand full of characters that had this problem because there are lots more that have the same problem. To me this was a big disappointment because people watch the transformers for the transformers not random robots with no names being killed off at random and coming and going as they please.

    Transformers 2 sadly got a very negative response for these reasons and more but to me it was just ok it’s just that the problems were too noticeable. If you have seen this movie and feel I missed something out please comment below.

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