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    A quick chat with Real Weekly News

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    A quick chat with Real Weekly News

    Post  Caboos15 on Fri Apr 16, 2010 8:33 am

    Recently I sent Real Weekly News a request to interview him, but sadly he declined an audio review. However he did say he would answer my questions in text format, so here for you all to read are Real Weekly News answers to my questions.

    What got you from doing movies reviews to doing videos on making a difference and what inspired you to do so?

    The 2008 Election. Unfortunately Obama won so that was pretty much a waste of time. McCain would NOT have been any better. I would not have voted for McCain, Obama or Hilary. Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich or Nader would have been the main ones that could have actually done something positive for the people.

    How long does it take to make a video?

    It depends. Some videos can take days, others weeks. There is a LOT that goes into the way I make videos. I would call them more mini-documentaries than youtube videos.

    What is the biggest response you have gotten for one of your videos?

    Probably Viacom VS You. The Vice President of Viacom actually hunted me down on 3 sites trying to assure me that they did NOT have my video taken down.

    What recent news topic do people want you to talk about?

    Many things. Sometimes youtube, other times just current topics.

    What is your response to people who have been accusing you of so called fare mongering just to get views?

    They can think what they want. One year later and it turns out virtually everything I talked about happened. Youtube was smart (for once). They just put all their changes in a little at a time and they have almost all their changes in place now and the average independent user will be tucked away in the corner while certain partners will be on the front page day in day out. I just wonder if any of these people that tried to talk trash about me and my channel will make any videos saying that I was right after all? If you look at the comments on the hulu video, you are seeing more and more people saying I was right after. I have had three people that attacked me apologize or say that I was right already.

    Will you still be making videos on YouTube or have you finished with the site forever now?

    To some extent, but I am pretty burned out on this in some ways. I tried to help, but after my DMCA reform video got only 30,000 views I knew I was just wasting my time. People care, but only in short bursts and if they dont stick to a cause then they will lose. The DMCA reform was 10 times more important to independent video makers than the Viacom VS You video, but they just didn’t care anymore.

    You have been involved with a project which include a website that sadly didnt work out as planned, will you ever be involved in such a project again if it was lead by another team of people?

    I am all ears, but I have not really heard from anyone that could really make anything happen. I have done all I can, but if people think I am going to bust my hump for the rest of my life while they sit on the sidelines, they have another thing coming. No one will do it for you. Not me, not any politician, no one. I was willing to do what I could, but after the DMCA reform video was a complete flop and no one really supported it I left youtube for 6 months and didn’t even log in at all. I only came back after I had a chat with a couple of youtube friends.

    I knew the result would eventually be backlash for trying to help. I saw this happen to Nader in 2000 and 2004. If you watch the movie "an Unreasonable Man" you will be amazed at how people turned on him. What was his crime? He decided to run for office. That is it. Everyone blamed him for Bush winning and he had nothing to do with anything other than trying to help make this country better. It is disgraceful how people treat him. I highly suggest you see that movie. It will open your eyes to many things you did not know.

    If people want to actually see some change for the better they need to be active. They need to stay informed on what is really going on and hear from all sides before they make up their mind on what is real and what is propaganda. No one person can do it. That is why the REAL people for change have a short life expectancy. Just look back at the 60's. They were all but wiped out back then. So don’t wonder why people don’t stand up against the machine when it grinds people up into dust.

    The leaders stand up for the people and they get run over and the people they were trying to help just go back to sitting on their asses watching TV and keep waiting for the next person to help them. The people need to stand with their leaders and not just expect them to bail them out when the Government and the Corporations get out of control. This is the equivalent of a fat person expecting to take a diet pill to lose weight while not changing their diet and exercising. That would be insane, yet that is what people to expect. They expect to pull a lever once every 4 years and that new person will solve all their problems. It is mind boggling.

    I would just like to say thanks to Real Weekly News for taking time out to answer these questions.

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