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    Give your feedback on this idea

    Post  Caboos15 on Tue Jun 15, 2010 1:32 pm

    This is for a college project that I am doing and I need some feedback for it from the general public on what they think of my idea for a game. Please be sure to vote above on what you think of my idea and to also leave a comment.

    My idea is to make a first person shooter/ strategy game that involves squad based combat with Special Forces instead of the massive army based style of game play. This idea comes as I noticed in most squad based games such as Rainbow Six and Swat 4 that there is a voice over a head set that guides you through a level while you’re playing, this gave me the idea of what if the player was that voice over the head set. I will go through a basic overview of my game idea and some of the elements within it.

    Game play wise I wanted to include a FPS section the game as it feel it would get the player more involved in the game and to also take control of squads on ground level to make decisions from the team leaders point of view. Also I noticed in some strategy games that it seems to take a while for troops to actually take out enemies, so I thought if a person is in a hurry to finish a level then they can help clear a room a lot faster with their own skills. I would also try to make it so that the player could switch between both the strategy view and the FPS view at a touch of a button making it simple to keep an eye on squad members on the other side of the level. This means that you can set up troops at multiply entry points and order them all to breach and clear each of the rooms they are standing at, and then join them at a push of a button just as they are opening the door.

    As for the squads themselves, they will normally be teams of five which will consist of a team leader and two sub teams for example Alpha Team 1 & 2 which can be split up to help cover more area and to also add more strategic elements of the game. You can customise your team member’s gender, name, voice, armour colour and also give your squad a nick name. Each team member can also be kitted out before each level with full range of weapons and other bits of equipment such as breach charges and flash bangs.

    The strategy controls will involve elements such as being able to switch between floors of buildings so a player can get an idea of what is ahead, at the same time I will be keeping to the tradition of the if you’re not there you cannot see it rule of strategy games. This means that you can see how the floor above you is laid out but you can’t see what’s in it, a room will remain dark in the strategy view until the player either instructs his or hers troops in the room or uses a camera device in the FPS view to look under the door of the room before entering. Also in the controls in the strategy view you will be able to use simple commands such as move to destination, open and clear and many other commands who would expect to find in squad based games. The FPS will also have some of these commands but of course will be doing it in the actually room with the rest of your squad mates and will be able to assist the A.I. in taking out enemies. In the FPS view I would include a cover system that would allow the player to of course take cover in a fire fight but also allow switching back to the strategy view without leaving the team leader exposed to enemy fire.

    I have also thought of some online elements of my game so that it will have some extra game play value. Some of these modes will include a mixture of strategy view and FPS view as well as modes with just one of these features
    •Death match – your standard FPS free for all where everyone is against everyone in a race to get the highest score with a total of up to fourteen people playing.

    •Squad death match – six players FPS free for all death match with a twist, each player has two A.I. squad members following him or her which they can use to help them get the highest score.

    •Team death – standard FPS with teams of seven battling in a race for the highest score.

    •Co-op – four players on the ground in FPS view work their way through a level while another player in strategy view controlling A.I. alongside the other players assisting them and also assigning A.I. to certain players.

    •FPS vs. Strategy – this mode involves five players in FPS mode going up against a player who is in strategy mode commanding squads to either take out the other players or to stop them getting to something.

    •1 v 1 strategy – two people control squads of troops in strategy view only and try to either wipe out the other person’s squads of take control of areas within a building.

    As I said at the start this is for a college project so I need as much feedback as you can give me. Please make sure to vote so I have a good number of people’s opinion, also give me you feedback on what you think of my idea and ways I can improve it.

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    Re: Give your feedback on this idea

    Post  Thalbeard on Tue Jun 15, 2010 2:02 pm

    Like i said a bit like BFME2 war of the ring mode, which was one of my fav game modes on BFME, the abillty to play a statagy game where u have the option of controling units in battle, very few games are out there that have attempted this i believe, so its at least unique, that being said it is very similar to Tom Clancys: End War, also one of my faverite games, but u dnt get the option of directly controling a player, u could include veichels, tanks, apcs, etc. coz i find games that are just FPS one sided, if it was like Halo or Unreal torney 3 that would be great, and if not having player control tanks, what bout heilos and ground attack fighters u can call in to give surpport and atrilery? it would be great if u did include full scale battles and not just covert missions, the fast paced action would be good for expericed RTS and FPS players, would u have the abllity to call reinforcements, ammo packagers, health?, will the npcs try to complete the objective if u dnt give them orders, ( if u dnt what to play the RTS side of the game ), would u be have a viraity of weapons?

    would the NPCs be able to use every weapon, and proberly, not running out guns blazing with a sniper rifle,will there be a leveling system like COD, or, a good leveling system, like RDR? will u be able to unlock stuff, how many maps will there be, could the online include more players?, will the online be about killing the other side or just open ended fun, till u get bored and leave, and u have WMD, can u pick what nationality u want to be, can it adapt to ur skill, and the decisions u make like RDR, can u defect to the other side?

    u have to think about how big the maps are gonna be, are u gonna have it themed,( WWII, Afgan, Futuristic), is there gonna be a story line, or just mindless killing like BF??, what bout the ablity to parachute in like medal of honor: airbourn and start anywhere on the map? will it be linear, or open ended? can u set up bases on maps, will it have a director like L4D2, whice makes every game different, changing plaments of gun drops, bad guys, buildings, objects, make it so the path u took last time is now cut of and u gotta find a nu way round, will therer be a type of currency so u can buy new weapons, can u place money on reaserch to develope new weapons, will it be set over a short period, over a long carrer or a full scale war? can u pick where u wanna go like in End War?

    will u have a skill point system, to upgrade u and ur squad, if u die do u restart the mission, or start at a checkpoint, is it realstic warfare like op flashpoint dragon rising, or more arcade style, can u have silenced weapons, will npcs fight how they would in real life( a trained solider fires in bursts, a rebel may spray and run away), will u always have ur squad or will u be alone for some missions? can npcs go rogue and not follow orders, will u have moral in ur squad.

    you are also gonna have to think about how complex it is gonna be to make, will it be on console or pc, or both?, will it be for just older people or all ages, will it have a steep learning curve, will it have set difficultys or an adaptive difficulty, will it have DLC, costs, advertisment.

    Bassically, i can see this game being a mix of BFBC, BFME2, Halo, End war, Mount and blade, MAG, COD, and Spec ops
    which if done corretcly would be a FANTASTIC game

    yours sincerly.... a bad critic.

    excuse the spelling mistakes and be aware i will add more as i think of it.

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    Re: Give your feedback on this idea

    Post  mozz666 on Thu Jun 17, 2010 4:58 am

    I think the idea for this game is very impressive!

    But also; if someone is playing with the strategy mode- wouldn't it be easier to get a camp spot? To get your NPC's to kill their way there and then to ensure you keep the camp site, switch to FPS.

    Would you have a reinforcement number (say 25) counting down each time a member of the team dies? Also, if you had this in online, you would have to make it for each player to avoid less skilled players depleting team spawns.

    What would be the story- if any?

    I think you might have to use medium sized maps (two buildings) and you would have to get one team to invade and search the other building to win. Also, if this was the case, maybe adding a 'plant the bomb' type of mode where the bomb planting team has to evacuate the building before the timer gets to '0'?

    Maybe you could pick different nationalities for the teams, also giving different 'perks' and equipment?

    Maybe having a skill balance system? I've never seen this in a game, but maybe if someone loses quite quickly the next game they could have an extra respawn number or more equipment or health?

    How about destructive environments?

    Just some feedback. Sounds awesome. I'd buy it!
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    Re: Give your feedback on this idea

    Post  Mumatua on Sat Jun 19, 2010 3:21 pm

    I would say go futuristic, like way, way in the future, and make the weapons and enviroments like no other FPS type game.

    Instead of flash bombs, Liquid nitrogen grenades - freezes the outside layer of everything in the blast radius.
    Instead of grenades, Shock wave orbs - Emits a very powerful shock wave throwing any enemy flying through the air or through the nearest wall.

    Special ice bullets for stealth operations - once fired into the target, it melts, leaving no trace for anyone to track you.
    The opposite: Magma bullets - on impact the bullet breaks, releasing the magma into the body, consuming them on the inside.

    And make the weapons fire without the bang ( of the gunpowder or whatever they use these days) make more of an air explosion, no flames, just shockwave...make it more silent for the tactical stealth operations.

    Just my opinion though, your game, set in whatever time you please.
    The further in the future you set it, the more creative you can get.

    The more Outlandish the ideas, the more fun the game will be, for me anyway.Razz. In a game anything is possible, so take advantage.


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    Re: Give your feedback on this idea

    Post  gofasskatkat on Sat Jun 26, 2010 8:05 am

    kinda reminds me of MAG+Tom Clancy's G.R.A.W.

    I LIKE IT Very Happy
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    Re: Give your feedback on this idea

    Post  workingmachinima on Tue Jul 06, 2010 6:45 pm

    check out natural selection 2 its an indie game that will hopefully be out soon that uses this type of gameplay.
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    Re: Give your feedback on this idea

    Post  workingmachinima on Tue Jul 06, 2010 6:49 pm

    Also a game called raven squad is alot like your idea

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    Re: Give your feedback on this idea

    Post  parkerplace on Thu Aug 19, 2010 7:44 am

    great ideas caboos just makke shure there is a campaign

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    Re: Give your feedback on this idea

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