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    Medium size top 5 *1 favourite movie scenes

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    Medium size top 5 *1 favourite movie scenes

    Post  Caboos15 on Sun Sep 13, 2009 1:41 pm

    This week I’ll be sharing my top 5 favourite movie scenes. These are scenes in movies that I have really enjoyed and continue to enjoy to this day.

    5. Battle of Hoth – Star Wars the empire strikes back
    The empire strikes back was the first star wars film I ever saw and one of my early movie memories. The AT-AT are still amazing to watch even to this day I think the stop motion effects on them are brilliant. Also the idea of using the snowspeeders tow cable to trip over a AT-AT has been used in all future star wars games such as battlefront (with this battle appearing in both of them) and rouge squadron. When I first saw this scene in 1997 it just blew my mind with all the action and effects so that is why it makes the list.
    Battle of Hoth

    4. Dare to be stupid – Transformers the movie (original 1986 film)
    To me this is the better transformers movie overall sure this scene may not be the best example (I’ll pick another scene for the most memorable movie scenes) but it is one of my favourite scenes from the movie. This scene is when the autobots are on the planet of junk and are attacked by the junkion natives, this sounds pretty basic but the moment the music starts and you hear the leader (voiced by Eric Idle from Monty Python) shout out one of the most random lines ever you know this is different.
    Dare to be stupid
    I would just like to point out that the moment that the part where the junckion leader is hit over the head with the girder is where my favourite part ends.

    3. Cuban Pete – The Mask
    What better way to escape the police than to start a song and dance number, this scene has a catchy song, is funny and overall just plain entertaining and I don’t think I really have to say anything more.
    Cuban Pete

    2. The Light Cycles – Tron
    Not only was done with some good special effects (which at the time were really hard to make and animate) but it is pretty fun to watch as well. I really like the way how the light cycles do all the sharp turns and the explosions are good as well even by today’s standards of film the effects of this film are brilliant.
    Light Cycle

    1. The skeletons – Jason and the Argonauts
    A milestone in stop motion effects this classic scene is special effects creator Ray Harryhausen finest work. The fight scene is well choreographed so that the actors really do look like they are fighting the skeletons and I really enjoy the film as a whole but this scene is what made it for me.
    The skeletons

    Hope you have enjoyed this week’s list and next week I will be doing the top 10 gaming music from the playlist I have been making.

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