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    Full size top 10 list *3 things in the next GTA

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    Full size top 10 list *3 things in the next GTA

    Post  Caboos15 on Sat Aug 22, 2009 12:53 pm

    This week I will count down the top 10 things that should be in the next GTA. Now these are my own personal thoughts and you are welcome to comment on what you think should be in the next game. Also I will mention some of the things I highlighted in the video we made on my YouTube channel so make sure to check that out on the video section of the site. So with that all that said lets dive into this and get started:

    10. Fixing the in game friends list for the online mode
    This something that has really becoming a bother over the last few months because as with many other online games the friends list only shows only 50 friends. What’s the problem you may ask, well the problem is that if you have more than 50 friends this really limits who you can invite into games. This is something that be solved by the list so it either just showing those who have the game, not showing people who are offline or showing people who are online this goes for all online games that out now or about to come out.

    9. Fixing the headset problem
    This is something that has been a problem from day one; this is the idea that if you don’t have a headset then you shouldn’t hear those with headsets which is very unfair. The reason for being unfair is because if one player is doing something that could bother another player he/she won’t know it’s bothering others and could end up being kicked. So it would be nice to listen to others regardless of having a headset or not.

    8. Adding a riot mode for the online free roam
    I’m putting this one because who here hasn’t done the classic pedestrian riot cheat alongside them having guns and bad drivers. So why not make this classic cheat I real option for the online free roam mode and the options can be laid out as:

    Pedestrian riot: on/off (this will make the other options available)
    Pedestrian with guns: all/week/standard/powerful
    Angry drivers: on/off
    Riot attention (police are not counted for this): free for all/your group/police (if on)
    Level of riot’s violence: low/medium/high

    This would make the online free roam even more fun that it already is.

    7. Making sure that things in the story mode are in the online mode
    These are things such as certain cars and actions that for some reason didn’t make it into the online mode.
    For cars it is things such as the limo, ice cream truck which only appear in the racing part of the game
    Actions its things like getting into taxis and trains, mainly trains because it would be fun trying to set up road blocks with cars and see if it stops the train.

    6. Bring back certain vehicles
    These are the vehicles that didn’t make an appearance in GTA4 I’m guessing because of the location. These would include:
    Planes: if these do make a return there should be large cargo plane such as a C-17 Globemaster 3 capable of carrying both people and cars. It would also be fun to let people jump out the back with parachutes and if one engine gets hit the other three will keep in the air while you try to keep in control.
    BMX bikes: simple because they were fun and capable of doing neat little stunts.
    Cars with hydraulics: these were really fun and it would better with today’s gaming physics.

    5. Bring back certain weapons
    Again these are things that didn’t make an appearance in GTA4 for some reason. These are the weapons I would like to see return:
    Fire extinguisher
    Samurai sword
    Remote bomb
    These are the weapons I feel should be put back into the game.

    4. Vehicles should be filled up properly
    This comes under the problem that a vehicle such as a bus is unable to hold more than four people. This also goes for vehicles such as swat vans and helicopter which could easily hold at least 2 or 4 extra people. Just think how much fun if you had a bus full of your friends being chased by the cops and everyone was shooting out the windows.

    3. Better AI drivers
    The AI in this game needs a driving lesson because the number of times I have been hit or seen someone else been hit by a AI driver who could of easily avoided hitting someone. You could stand in the middle of the road for ages and a car will hit you it is as it spawns while moving right next to you. There have been times you could get hit while walking on the path, once while making a random GTA video we were getting ready to climb a ladder when a car came sliding down the hill hit all of us then went to drive off back up the hill but we court up to it and thought it a lesson. One of the worse places to drive is any of the bridges because the AI keeps changing lanes which makes you turn to avoid but you still end up crashing.

    2. Bring back the classic wanted system
    GTA 4 had only police and swat for its wanted level system which was a real shame. Originally it was laid out as:
    1 star – few cops
    2 stars – more cops
    3 stars – swat
    4 stars – FBI
    5 stars – army (or National Guard whatever you want to call them)
    It would be so brilliant if the developers would put this system back in to the game

    1. Location location location
    The GTA series has been placed in New York four times now and there isn’t much in difference in terrain just nothing but buildings. The best possible place to go for a new GTA is a return San Andrease (GTA SA) mainly because of the difference in terrain and scale. The map is a mix between city, suburbs, desert, forest and ocean it was also know for having the army base which was tones of fun in the way of planning to brake in. Overall GTA SA is the best map to return to for the next part of the series and if not there are probably plenty of good states in the USA seeing how Rock Star is said to keep GTA in the US which is a shame because it would be nice to see a remake of GTA London.

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    Re: Full size top 10 list *3 things in the next GTA

    Post  Thalbeard on Sun Aug 23, 2009 5:16 pm

    i remeber that ladder thing.. bout 20 metres from the nearest road and nothing disturbed it... it just ran me and 2 others down.... we shot it.. the woman (typical) driver out and we all shot her bout 60 times each lol..... good times eh?


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    Re: Full size top 10 list *3 things in the next GTA

    Post  fattonyxxl on Mon Aug 24, 2009 1:50 pm

    Well yeah, they should have those stuff in the next game. But people shouldn't expect these on GTA IV. People forget that GTA IV was their-Rockstar-first game with there new RAGE engine and their first proper attempt on a 'next gen' console.
    On the list I didn't see, and would like to have:
    * Proper Jet Plane
    * Cheats online
    * More fun cheats-the ones you see now are just boring
    * More than 4 people on one bus!!!
    ___Random ones___
    * Chlidren-Just be a laugh, also in 4 there were abandoned school buses
    * Use for a fork lift
    * More Easter eggs Razz
    That's all I can think of right now. Yow.
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    Re: Full size top 10 list *3 things in the next GTA

    Post  Caboos15 on Mon Aug 24, 2009 3:07 pm

    Tony using cheats online wouldn't work because of the fact everything is saved straight away and cheats would mess up a persons data and it is classed as hacking which is not allowed in any online game.
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    Re: Full size top 10 list *3 things in the next GTA

    Post  fattonyxxl on Mon Aug 24, 2009 3:26 pm

    Well Cheats obviously only for free mode, which wont track stats or be classed as hacking...And of-course you should be able to choose whether it's on or off
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    Re: Full size top 10 list *3 things in the next GTA

    Post  JohnJohn1983 on Tue Aug 25, 2009 3:25 pm

    they wont put children it GTA, unless its part of the story mode, the press would love to see children in the online mode lol
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    Re: Full size top 10 list *3 things in the next GTA

    Post  fattonyxxl on Tue Aug 25, 2009 6:14 pm

    yeah it wont go on the game cos some pillocks will whine about "oooh is this what we want our children doing".


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    Re: Full size top 10 list *3 things in the next GTA

    Post  Mumatua on Tue Aug 25, 2009 6:53 pm

    What should to be in the next GTA:

    - Underwater...simples...deep would be good
    - Submarines...used for some sneeky mission..Razz
    - Trains,
    - Passenger ( where you can walk arounf inside )
    - Goods ( with some flatbeds so cars can go on them )
    - Drivable
    - Ability to change the track junctions to switch tracks

    - Mountain/s For some extreme driving
    - Snowboards and skiis
    - Snow mobiles
    - Bob sleigh
    - Countryside for some enviromental variety
    - Bikes ( bikes were awesome )
    - Vehicals,
    - Tanks, jeeps, trucks, military stuff
    - Lorries with trailers( gas, petrol, logs, cars)
    - boots/trucks that you can put things in ( like people )
    - Construction: bulldosers, cement mixers, cranes, digger.
    - Secret Cars: like a dodgem, go-cart, hovercraft, mini.

    - Aircraft,
    - small private planes
    - Fighter planes
    - Big cargo planes
    - Attack helicoptor, Missiles and Mini guns
    - Those big double bladed helis, for large transport

    - Cheats,
    - Flying/floating
    - invincible
    - Bigger cars ( make cars double the size...could be fun:P)
    - Super Jump
    - Superman

    - Online,
    - everything offline has
    - Ability to change sea level
    - Ability to choose which vehical you wanna start in
    - Spectator mode

    Game modes:
    - Avalanche: everyone starts on the mountain, escape
    the avalanche..Razz
    - Tidal Wave: Escape the wave..haha..Razz

    ok thats me outa ideas for now..Razz


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    Re: Full size top 10 list *3 things in the next GTA

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